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Rogue Publications Catalog

Please check back regularly for additions to the catalog as we begin to take new submissions. Only publications that use our editing services or otherwise meet professional industry standards will be eligible for listing on this site.

Rogue's Honor ~ Book One of the Honor Bound saga by Aiden Sawyer

Aiden Sawyer's debut novel in the new Honor Bound fantasy series offers fans of the genre an escape to a world in which adventure and glory beckon those brave enough to take up the call. Join Tellion Steele, an infamous mercenary and outcast Elf who finds himself walking the fine line between honor and treachery to redeem his name and recapture the heart of Elven princess who has long ago forsaken him. But just how far is he willing to go to win back his true love when she refuses his aid? There's only one way to find out. Get Rogue's Honor instantly on your Kindle, Nook, or other e-Reader now for only $3.99

Also Available in Hardcover! Buy now!