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eBook Conversion Services & Rates

Basic Conversion

Rogue Publications offers affordable conversion services to transform your work into the two primary eBook formats used in the industry today. For just $75 we will convert your MS Word document (with up to 5 embedded images/graphics) into Mobi and ePUB files for upload to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and various other on-line eBook stores. This price includes:

Rogue Publications specializes in English language works of a literary nature and does not convert books that are graphic intensive or that include numerous charts, images, or tables such as educational text books or DIY manuals. Books that contain special embedded fonts will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may incur a higher rate to convert or be turned down outright.

Conversion Plus (includes Limited Promotional Services)

In addition to the above basic conversion service, Rogue Publications offers limited marketing services at no extra charge for books in qualifying genres that have received our copyediting or substantive editing services or otherwise meet professional publishing standards. Qualifying genres include young adult, adventure, fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

One of the most difficult challenges for an independent author to overcome is providing visibility to their work and generating interest. Rogue Publications can assist with this challenge in the following ways:

Whether it's your first step onto the path to becoming a published author or your next step as a published author, Rogue Publications is ready to assist you. Just send us a completed Author Agreement form, and we'll contact you with details on how to submit your work, when we can turn it around, and payment options. If you have any general questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at your convenience.