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Rogue Publications provides several levels of editing for novel length fiction manuscripts or individual chapters. The level of editing needed for any book will vary according to the writer's needs and skill level. All quoted turnaround times are based on an average manuscript size of 80,000 words. Larger manuscripts may require more time. Individual chapters can generally be turned around in 1 week depending on work load. We only accept electronic submissions (preferably MS Word version 97 or later), and all editing is done electronically. You will receive back a "clean" edited file as well as a "marked up" file including all the revisions and notes made by our editor. Please refer to our Service Agreement when you are ready to submit your work.

Substantive Editing includes:

Copyediting/line editing includes:

Proofreading includes:

Candice Briggs - Editing Credentials

Candice Briggs has a B.A. in Liberal Studies (English) from Oregon State University and a Master's degree in Education from Lewis & Clark. She has been an English teacher for seventeen years and is a certified trainer in Critical Reading methods. In addition to editing her students' writing, Candice is often called upon to edit the professional documents of her colleagues. Candice is a voracious reader, thorough in both proofreading and substantive editing. Her favorite genre is historical fiction, but she also reads a significant amount of young adult fiction and, most recently, fantasy. Her first credit as a professional editor of novel length fiction is Rogue's Honor by Aiden Sawyer.