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West Anoria

Banished from his homeland, the only honor Tellion Steele knew was that of the sword and the shadows. Bereft of family and forsaken by his true love, the Elven princess, the outcast Elf made his way in life as a thief and a mercenary. Now, the world is seized by the machinations of conspiracy and war, and the Elven princess is somehow caught up in the workings. Against his better judgment, Tellion finds he must return to the land of his exile to protect the beautiful princess from the forces of evil that threaten her. But when the princess refuses his aid, Tellion is forced to play a dangerous game fraught with peril and intrigue as he walks the fine line between honor and treachery, deceiving both friend and foe alike to pull off the gambit of his life - to liberate the unwilling princess from the fortress of the Elf-king.

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Aiden Sawyer’s debut novel, Rogue’s Honor, is book one of the Honor Bound saga. Join Tellion Steele and his companions as the epic adventure continues in Honor’s Toll (to be released in 2015).