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Rogue Publications Mission

Rogue Publications seeks to advance the evolution of publishing by taking advantage of technology that allows authors to assume more control of their product and reap a greater reward for their creative talent.

The advent of e-Books and the new face of publishing

With the growing popularity and ever expanding variety of e-Reader devices becoming available every day, it is no great wonder that sales of e-Books have recently eclipsed those of print media. And while we at Rogue Publications will always have a warm place in our hearts for printed books, we also realize the fundamental truth that publishing as we know it must adapt with the advances of technology or be cast aside to slowly dwindle into obscurity.

The new face of publishing offers many opportunities to increase profits by taking advantage of technology to streamline processes and reduce or, in some cases, eliminate waste. However, at Rogue Publications we feel it should not be left to publishers alone to reshape and sculpt the new face of the publishing industry lest authors be completely left out of these benefits.

The ease and impact of Self-Publishing

The truth of the matter is that the ease of self-publishing with today's technology has made the industry far more competitive than under the past model in which publishers were the primary gate-keepers who controlled the majority of books to which readers were exposed. Under this model, a basic economic machination limited the number of books that were published each year, the result of which meant many good books never made it to print unless the author had the desire, wherewithal and means to self-publish, which in itself was no guarantee of success.

Today, many of those same authors who found it difficult to place their manuscripts with traditional publisher are turning to the myriad of Print on Demand printers and e-Book publishers that have cropped up in recent years. In essence, the role of gate-keeper has been largely reduced to the point that readers are literally inundated with options from which to pick. The ultimate result, and the foremost challenge in today's market, is that many good manuscripts that would have never made it to print in the old model have now become books that will never see the light of day with respect to sales. This is because they are now buried under the thousands of books published each year that would never have been published in the past. In essence, the challenge has shifted from getting published to getting sales.

Sharing the road to success

At Rogue Publications, we want to help authors not only with publishing, but also with generating sales so they can take control of their writing careers and realize the full potential of their earnings. We do this by providing one-time, low cost services that result in expedient e-publication of their manuscripts along with a potential path to print publication, if desired. Authors we represent will retain full rights to their works and will, at a minimum, receive all necessary files and instructions to upload their works as e-publications to the Amazon Kindle store and Barnes & Noble Nook store where they will receive 70% or 65% respectively of each sale (U.S. domestic) for all e-Books priced between $2.99 and $9.99.

Our low cost publishing rates mean writers will have more funds to focus on marketing their work. Additionally, authors who utilize our editorial services in addition to our base conversion services, or whose works otherwise meet our professional standards, will be eligible to have their e-publications listed in our catalog on the Rogue Publications website along with links to their product pages on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. We will also include listings and/or links to their e-publications within the front/back matter pages of any future e-publications we produce of a similar genre in accordance with the Rogue Publications author agreement.

What the future may hold

While the major publishing houses are holding to traditional practices in hopes that their authors and titles will continue to anchor the top of the best seller lists and remain visible for future sales, it is only a matter of time before talented, up-and-coming small press and independent authors begin to erode the foundation of the big houses. Additionally, if the major publishing houses continue to withhold the increased profits from their stable of authors, defections will hurry this attrition. Now is the time to embrace the new face of publishing and position yourself at the forefront of a changing industry where name recognition can mean the difference between a best seller and obscurity.